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The Nameless Collective is a group of South Asian storytellers. We are inspired by the art, culture and history in our families. Through creative expression, we showcase what exists - and what can exist - in the corners, crevices, and crossroads of our communities. 


Our mandate is to:


  • Cultivate bold ways to share stories through artistic practice including, but not limited to, artistic production, curation, consultation, publication, collaboration, performance, visual arts, digital media, and convening conversations.


  • Build community-based practices that center underrepresented peoples and their processes of knowledge production. 


  • Reflect and refract the lived-experiences of South Asians by focusing on the ideas, imaginations, and intersections of the communities who inspire us.

TNC Naveen Girn Paneet Singh Milan Singh

Award-winning curator. Bollywood savant. Inexplicably polite. Probably knows something about everything.

Academic with an edge. Low-key goofy. Researcher extraordinaire. More friends than anyone can keep track of.

Filmmaker and playwright. Super extra. Filter optional. Won't pass on a punch line.

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