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Podcast Co-Host | Academic |

Community Organizer


Milan Singh is a curator, academic, and community organizer who completed a PhD in Communication Studies from SFU. Milan’s work includes key involvement in SFU’s Komagata Maru Journey website and the City of Vancouver’s 2021 Komagata Maru apology, and consultation on the Komagata Maru animated short with Historica Canada. Milan’s work centres on issues of race, gender and social justice and she carries a strong passion for the stories of early migration of South Asian women.

In this work, Milan has written the text for the plaque in Vancouver’s Harnam Kaur Plaza, and curated a graphic narrative on Harnam Kaur’s story with visual artist Keerat Kaur.

Milan continues to stay involved in South Asian academic and community arts initiatives through knowledge sharing, conference presentations, and panel moderation.

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