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A brief history of talks by The Nameless Collective


bards of the bunkhouse bedside

Often we share stories around major moments in our community’s history, but rarely do we focus on the everyday moments in peoples’ lives. Have you ever wondered how much money people earned for a day’s work? The complications of translation? Where to find daal in 1952? Join The Nameless Collective’s conversation about the politics of the familiar - food, work, and language - within the Sikh and South Asian community.

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pics or it didn't happen

With recent technology allowing the use of algorithms to colourize and animate historical photographs, we have been able to see archival images in ways we never could before. Join The Nameless Collective as they share some stunningly colourized and animated photographs from BC’s Sikh and South Asian community from the early 20th century, and discuss related stories, issues, and implications of this new technology.

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Race, regulation & resistance

Using historical images, government documents, and print media, Naveen Girn, Paneet Singh and Milan Singh will share stories of the South Asian community’s activism and resilience, delving into the history of the community and connections to local places. They will also detail the formation of the Continuous Journey regulation and its insidious effects, including its impact on ships like the Panama Maru and Komagata Maru.

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podcasts & time travel

Storytelling and The Making of a History Podcast

Join the hosts of The Nameless Collective Podcast for an animated conversation on storytelling, uncovering untold stories, creating your own podcast, and all the century-old rumours and gossip they keep out of the recordings.


Cultural Landscapes

"Shining a light on the past


The Vancouver Lookout is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. As part of the celebration, it has teamed up with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation to launch a new speaker series called Perspectives, a series of talks exploring how Vancouver has been shaped over its history. The final panel, Cultural Landscapes: Vancouver’s South Asian Community, will consist of three local community members who have a shared goal of shining a spotlight on stories and groups that aren’t as present in our histories and in our minds as others."

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